Green Building Design

We believe in a total integration of environmentally effective green building products. Planning is the key to high performance in sustainable design. This design transforms your lifestyle to be sustainable while the cost of energy is at its highest and still climbing. Sustainable technologies are at the cutting edge of low energy home design. The green building design has been incorporated into the historic projects seen on the homepage. Our architectural teams estimate the extra construction cost for green building.                

  • Geothermal System
  • Uses ground temperature to heat and cool residence heat pumps

  • Solar Panels on the Roof

              Photovoltaic panels convert sunlight to power

  • Solar Chips Embedded in Windows

              Produces energy

  • Cellulose Insulation

              Highly efficient soy-based insulation

  • Rain Water and “Gray” Water

              Rain water cisterns collect water for use in toilets and to               irrigate the lawn and garden

  • Dual Flush Toilet

              Allows you to choose a large or small flush

  • Creston Touch Panel

              Monitors energy and water use

  • Eco Spec Paint

              An environmentally friendly paint choice






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